Complete Financial Services

We help you build, protect, and preserve your assets.

We founded Complete Financial Services (CFS) with the goal of helping individuals increase their wealth as effectively and as safely as possible while helping reduce taxes as much as possible. We now work with hundreds of clients in Oregon and across the US.

Our clients come from all walks of life at all stages of their lives: They may be professionals, business people, blue collar workers, retirees, recipients of an inheritance, single parents, young couples… The label isn’t important. What matters to us-and what is common among all our clients-is that they have the desire to invest in and grow their wealth over time.

Who We Work With

Most people who come to us know they may not have the time, knowledge, or skills to manage their investments themselves. Most don’t have the time to monitor the progress of their funds or to react quickly when an investment is not performing as expected. And most people are aware that qualified financial advisors have the training and experience to do a significantly better job at helping grow their clients’ assets.

Our clients tend to have the following traits in common:

  • They don’t want or don’t have the time to manage their assets themselves
  • They understand it takes time to build wealth
  • They’re willing to ride the inevitable ups and downs of the economic and investment cycles
  • They trust our knowledge, experience, and professionalism

What You Can Expect

We aim to build long and rewarding relationships with all our clients. After all, your success is our success. And, as Investment Advisor’s of TFA, we love helping people attain their financial goals. Here’s what you can expect as a client of CFS:

  • You’ll have an individualized financial strategy designed for your unique goals and lifestyle, or an allocation detailed specifically for your circumstances
  • You can have the confidence knowing that you can call an experienced financial professional at any time
  • You’ll have more time to focus on what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing
  • You’ll enjoy being treated with courtesy and respect

How We Work

First we’ll sit down together and talk. You’ll meet with one of our Financial Advisors who will spend as much time as necessary to learn about you, your life situation, and your life goals. We want to know as much about you as possible: your current assets, your career, your family situation, your financial goals, your risk tolerance, and many other important aspects of your life. You, in turn, will have questions for us. This will be the start of our personal relationship and partnership with you.

Next, depending on your circumstances, we can prepare a customized proposal that outlines how we recommend your portfolio should be structured, based on what you’ve told us. This could include IRAs, 401(k)s, mutual funds, bonds, life insurance, long-term care insurance, CDs, annuities-and any number of other investment tools and strategies. We may also suggest you consult with other professionals, such as an accountant or lawyer, should your situation warrant it.

If you decide to establish a relationship with us, our job is to periodically monitor them and help keep the portfolio in balance. If anything changes in your life, we’ll discuss together how to revise the portfolio to help meet your new situation or goal. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Our Guiding Beliefs

These are some of the values our business is founded on:

  • Wealth building takes experience, planning, implementation, and ongoing monitoring
  • Each client is an individual with unique financial circumstances and goals
  • We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously
  • We treat our clients with the utmost respect, and we enjoy developing lifelong relationships with them

How We’re Different

You expect to have highly trained and experienced individuals in a financial services firm; we have that and more. But what you may not expect is how we view you and treat you. And you may wonder how we build trust . . .

  • We won’t talk over your head or patronize you
  • We’ll take the time to explain what we’re recommending and why
  • We’ll get to know you so we can help plan for your individual needs and goals
  • We advise on investment options but ultimately it is you, the client, who makes the decisions


Below is a summary of the services CFS provides:

Develop Strategies to Help You Increase Your Wealth
  • Review investment allocations
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • Deliver a wealth accumulation plan
  • Review insurance needs


Conserve and Maintain Wealth
  • Devise a plan to help reduce taxes
  • Review insurance needs (long-term care, life, disability) and recommend the most cost-effective for the client’s needs-at least every two years, preferably every year
  • Review overall investment portfolio with a view to diversification and appropriate asset allocation using modern portfolio theory for allocation development
Devise Wealth Distribution Strategies during Life to Help Reduce Taxable Consequences and Maintain Your Needed Income Throughout Life
  • Review investment and retirement plans: implement investment plans, devise timing of asset distribution during client’s life, review and develop asset distribution at death
  • Plan for business succession
  • Help develop estate plans
  • Help develop tax-efficient child gifting plans
  • Help develop tax-efficient charitable gifting plans
Devise Wealth Distribution at Death to Help Reduce Taxable Consequences
  • Wealth distribution to spouse, family, and others: plan to reduce estate taxes, plan for control of assets after death, plan to keep assets intact after death
  • Charitable giving at death: plan to reduce estate taxes, plan for control of assets after death, plan to keep assets after death


If you’d like to know what classes we offer, click here to take a look at the Complete Education page. If you have questions, take a look at the FAQs, or maybe you’d like read our monthly article.

If you’re ready to work toward increasing your wealth, call us at 503-684-8070 to set an appointment. Or click here to go to our contact page.